Overloaded School Buses

In many cities and suburbs, parents find it very difficult to drop and pick their children from school. It happens mostly for primary and secondary schools which are far off from the residential quarters. Therefore school authorities are obliged to provide the transportation services. But due to surplus population and limited means of transportation, children are dealing with the real brunt as they are loaded in the school and private vehicles.

In metropolitan cities, school vans and private vans are overloaded with children, many of whom are just kids. A small van which can carry about 8 children comfortably, can be seen carrying more than 12 children and in worst possible cases more than 16. This leaves very little space for the children to sit comfortably in the vehicle.


Private vehicle owners go a step ahead as they are paid monthly charges by the parents. More children in the vehicle mean more money. Parents who cannot afford to hire a cab or provide for transportation are thus compelled to go for these shared vans. Poor children can’t even complain or argue for their case.

As per reports published on a website, the ministry of primary and secondary education in Bangalore will go ahead with the issuance of a notice to check the overloaded school vans, failing which the government will take an action against the perpetrators.