Concessions for Private Schools in Haryana

The private school sector in the State of Haryana has welcomed a gesture by the State Government. The Haryana Government has announced a special concessional scheme for all the private schools in the state. Haryana’s Chief Minister, BS Hooda, announced that all the institutions which had applied for recognition before the cut-off date were no longer required to collect the CLU — Change of Land Use and NOC — No Objection Certificate for the purpose of recognition of the schools. 

The Chief Minister further declared that nearly 2,650 pending applications regarding such exemptions would be overseen by a newly-appointed deputy commissioner. Continuing on the issue of private school education, he proposed that the private schools should seek tie-ups with government and government-aided schools for providing facilities such as playing grounds.

Venture Capitalists Invest in Education Sector

The focus of foreign investors and venture capitalists has shifted from technology to service based industry, including education. One story appeared in Business Standard which revealed the trend of VCs (Venture Capitalists) investing in education, media and entertainment and beverages.

The recent contribution was made by Matrix Partners India, which invested $7 millions in preschool segment, as reoprted by Business Standard. So far, preschools have been the best choice as government control is minimum for preschools in India. However, investors and VCs are also considering the options to invest in primary and secondary schools. When will the big change come, nobody knows.

Education market in India is segmented and allows particpation at various levels. Secondary schools, high schools, colleges and universities are ideal places to start a new revolution in the education market. For such a thing to happen, the government may have to make laws pertaining to the ownership and control of the institutions very easy.