Stratford University Opens Up in India

There is good news for all – Stratford University will establish one campus and two learning sites in India. On Oct 1, Stratford University and K. K. Modi Group signed a joint venture agreement on the university’s main campus in Falls Church, Virginia. The opening of the Stratford University will offer Indian students the opportunity to get quality American education with their local price. While it takes roughly $20,000 to finish a Master’s degree on Stratford’s campus in the U.S., it would take only one-fifth that amount for a student studying in India.

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in high demand fields such as IT, hospitality, business administration and culinary arts. It aims to attract both domestic and international students. K. K. Modi, the chairman of K. K. Modi Investment and Financial Services, hopes to create an education system that will benefit India. At par with Harvard University, Stratford University studies the needs of the industry and the needs of customers and tailors their program according to them, so that a student comes out of with an ability to perform well. Around 700-800 students are expected to enroll on the New Delhi campus in the first year and 10,000 students at the end of five years.