Tata Extends Scholarships to UKZN


The Indian Minister of State for External Affairs, Anand Sharma, handed over the Tata Africa scholarships for post-graduate studies to the students of UKZN (The University of KwaZulu Natal) in South Africa. The function was also attended by the Vice-Chancellor of UKZN and the Managing Director of Tata Africa, Raman Dhawan. Tata Africa had started giving these scholarships about three years ago.

Raman Dhawan further explained that the company harboured no concealed motives by offering these scholarships and had no intention of forcing the students to work for the company after completing their courses. He further insisted that the scholarships were purely meant to make sure that the students could concentrate upon their academic performance. In response, a representative of the scholarship-recipients spoke about his financial limitations and how a Tata scholarship had bailed him out.

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