Times Of India Starts Its Teach India Campaign


One of the leading and prime media organizations, Times of India, has stepped in the social domain and is trying to spread the means of education for the undereducated children in India. The media organization has started its campaign called “Teach India” with the objective to bridge the gap between those who can educate and those who need education.

Teach India will try to connect the people who have the desire and commitment to teach the children who cannot afford formal education. The media organization has liaison with a large number of civil action groups or NGOs. These groups will facilitate the educational programmes and the inputs would be provided by the media organization.

Teach India is considered as a social initiative that aims at enhancing the education provisions in the country. School dropout cases and the education status for low-income groups is one of the major issues that have slackened the growth and development. The government is also trying its best to put more number of children in the garb of education.

Any person who is interested to teach the undereducated children can contact the organisation, which will further recommend and forward the request to the nearest social action group. The action group will provide the programme details.

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