Here are some useful tips that will help you to start your own franchise school in Kolkata.

Make a list of all the schools that provide school franchise in Kolkata and then select one amongst them which you feel is the best.
Fill and submit the franchise application form to the franchising school and pay the prescribed franchise fee.
Sign the franchise agreement complying with all the rules and regulations established by the franchising school.
Select the location & acquire the land. Make sure that the land area should be big enough to accommodate all the basic infrastructure and facilities required for a school.
Get this land approved by the school authority and subsequently obtain the NOC from the Department of Education of the state.
Start with construction of the school. Incorporate all the basic facilities required for a smooth functioning of a school. Also ensure that your school matches the standards maintained by the franchising school.
Ask for the assistance of the franchising school in obtaining the other necessary permissions for the smooth functioning of your school.
Recruit teachers, principal, librarian, support staff, administrative staff etc. for your school. The franchising school will help you with the hiring process to recruit qualified professionals.
Seek assistance from the franchisor to advertise your school. Implement various advertising techniques like hoarding, flyers, ads in newspapers etc.
Start admitting students to your school and seek timely assistance from the franchisor for support in day-to-day operations and technical support.
There are various school chains in Kolkata that provide franchise opportunities to people who want to start their own school. However, when it comes to formal education, SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one of the leading brands which offer cost-effective franchise opportunities. So, hurry and fill the franchise application form to become a member of SHEMFORD family.

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