An ideal 10+2 school is an institution where young minds grow, where they develop foundation for their bright future and where knowledge is not imparted merely through books, but also through interactive activities. The teaching style and curriculum have direct impact on the performance of children in both academics and extra-curricular activities, while the pleasant ambiance of the school makes it a worthwhile place for them to learn. The design of school building should not only provide the basic facilities, but also the setting required for quality learning. Given below are the top reasons why design of 10+2 school buildings matters a lot in the overall development of growing children.

Here are the top 10 reasons why school building design matters:

1. Enhances Children’s Learning Ability

A predictively bland and uninspiring design of 10+2 school building would have an adverse impact on the children’s learning ability. They may find it difficult to learn if ‘dull’ classrooms are included in your high school building plan. So, ensure that the classrooms, laboratories and library are welcoming, brightly lit and painted with lively colors, which will in turn enhance their ability to learn quickly.

2. Provides an Active Learning Environment

If your school has been constructed according to the conventional design, it may not encourage learning in children. On the other hand, children will get an active learning environment if the design of school building is pleasing and has been done as per the current trend.

3. Increases Admission Rate

The design of school building plays a crucial role in the admission rate of students. If the building looks mundane, parents may not want to send their children to your school, even if there is an efficient faculty of teachers and qualified School Head/Principal. So, the design of your school’s building should not be dull with predictable positioning of classrooms, libraries, laboratories and playground. The design of your 10+2 school building should also not be a replica of other schools in the street. So, try to bring in uniqueness in the positioning of the physical infrastructure, lighting pattern and design of the staircase.

4. Creates Curiosity among Children

The high school building plan matters a lot, because a well-designed institution will encourage inquiry-based learning, which in turn will stimulate curiosity among the children.

5. Raises Test Score Levels of Children

A pleasing design of school building encourages children to achieve higher test scores. They will be able to perform well in their tests, if the classroom’s ambiance eases their tension and helps them to concentrate on their answers.

6. Influences Behavior and Learning

Your 10+2 school building design has an indirect impact on the children’s academic achievement, attentiveness, eye strain, attitudes, behavior and learning. Colors used for the building’s walls may also affect their performance in the academics. Monotone colors may induce irritability and lack of concentration. Remember that the colors should indirectly stimulate concentration, so that both the children and teachers stay focused in their respective works. So, the interiors of your 10+2 school building should be painted in soothing shades of blue or green. Also, the overall color scheme should be in sync with the tasks and activities performed in your school.

7. Provides Hands-on Learning Opportunity

A high school building plan with comfortable furniture and spacious classrooms provides hands-on learning opportunity to its children.

8. Makes the Children Energetic

Lighting pattern of your 10+2 school building design will have direct impact on energy levels of children. They will retain high energy level throughout the day, if they are taught in adequately illuminated classrooms.

9. Increases Overall Performance of Children

It has been proved that the performance of students in a well-designed and furnished school is about 11 percent more than their achievement in a sub-standard building. So, your 10+2 school building design should encourage them to learn more. To serve the purpose, provide them with comfortable pieces of furniture that do not create undue strain or fatigue, while they are engaged in classroom activities.

10. Performance of Teachers

The teachers themselves may get bored of their work place, if the design of your 10+2 school is dull with pale whitewash and ripped furniture. On the other hand, if the walls are painted with soothing colors, if the chairs and tables are safe, comfortable and durable, then it would have positive effect on the performance of the teachers and ultimately on the students.

Just as the design of our dining space affects our eating habits and the place where we live impacts the quality of our lives, high school building plan affects the performance of children in all spheres of their academic career. This is because school is not merely a place where children grow, but also an institution where adults (teachers and administrative staff) are involved in the nurturing of the growing children.

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