The first few years of a child’s life and the early year experiences play an important role in her emotional, social and intellectual development. The education provided to a child during these years helps the brain to develop in a healthy and proper way so as to support the child throughout her life. Moreover, a child in her early years is very curious and has a desire to explore the world around her. This natural curiosity needs to be channeled in the right direction. For this purpose, many preschools, nursery schools, Montessori schools, kindergartens etc. have been set up at many places.

Such schools emphasize on providing a secure & home-like environment where a child can grow and learn all the basic life skills in a playful manner. Moreover, the atmosphere at nursery schools is so friendly that a child simply loves to stay in the school. So, parents are also equally satisfied in sending their child to preschools, as they prepare her for the big school. Besides this, nursery schools, kindergartens, preschools etc. are a safe option for the working parents to leave their child, while at work.

All the factors mentioned above plus the busy lifestyles of parents in Mumbai are some of the prime reasons for the tremendous increase in the demand for more and more nursery schools in Mumbai. Owing to this increasing importance of such schools, it is a wise decision to invest in this lucrative enterprise. Some of the top nursery schools in Mumbai are:

SHEMROCK, Navi Mumbai
Kangaroo Kids, Bandra
Kidzee, Andheri
EuroKids, Lokhandwala
The Tree House, Goregaon

If you too want to start a nursery school in Mumbai, either take up a franchise of an established brand or start a preschool on your own. However, it is advised to own a nursery school franchise as it will make the entire task of stating a nursery school a lot easier. From the names mentioned in the list above, SHEMROCK is one such brand which offers fruitful franchise opportunities to people who want to start their own nursery school. The support team at SHEMROCK guarantees strong support and guidance throughout the entire process. So, fill up the franchise application form and get associated with the leading brand in the education sector.

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