UGC Experts to visit 168 Universities to Assess Financial Grants


University Grants Commission (UGC) is sending a group of experts across different varsities to evaluate the financial needs of the universities.

A total of 168 universities will be visited by the group of experts from UGC, out of which 30 universities have already been visited and their report has been submitted to the UGC. At the beginning of each Five Year Plan, UGC assesses the financial needs of the universities and grants them the required funds after closely evaluating their performance, infrastructure and future requirements.

In a recent proposal by UGC experts, it has been recommended to increase the general development fund by 100% from Tenth Five Year Plan, under the General Development Assistance Program for all recognized universities. A proposal of merging several schemes has also been given by the experts for better management and allocation of funds from XIth five year plan onwards.

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