As time passes by, schools do need renovations and sometimes remodeling. When school facilities are being built, an important feature that receives the most attention is the durability. The financial constraints and the busy school work schedule does not allow for frequent changes or reconstructions in the facility.

Upgrading a school to accommodate more students and provide for better facilities is just one reason and there are many. For example, a school may seek an affiliation with a known board or institutions and may be required to upgrade its facility or remodel its existing structure.

Old Schools Remodelled
For a long period after independence, many schools retained their structure and facilities and underwent hardly any changes. But in the previous decade or so, a good number of schools have been remodeled to present modern outlook and school designs. This has also been observed in institutions other than the school, like universities, colleges and public offices.

So far as schools are concerned, they are remodeled primarily to accommodate more students and start up new facilities like gymnasium, recreation halls, convocation halls, upgrading the library, etc.

Upgrading the Operations
Still some school may upgrade the school operations with the recruitment of new teachers, management and administration staff, installing new teaching apparatus and equipment

Importance of Upgrading the Schools
Upgrading school facility sometimes becomes unavoidable in order to meet the minimum requirements or maintain proper education standards. As advancement in technology continues, often there arise needs to be abreast of the new developments. Schools that do not bring timely changes in their structure and functioning become substandard and sometimes as obsolete education units.

Therefore it is necessary for the schools to do a short survey or assessment of the school services once in a year.

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