As the doors of imagination have further been opened by the progress made by science and technology, new ways of teaching the students have been developed. Virtual reality is one marvelous innovation that has redefined the way things are taught in the school.

Traditional Vs Modern Approaches
In schools where traditional practices are the commandments to be followed, there is hardly any improvement in the education standard or quality of education rendered by the school. The classrooms have blackboards on one side and rows of students with their eyes fixed on the board on the other side. In between lies the chair and table of the teacher. That is it, the complete classroom apparatus and students have to rely upon diction and sight of the board.

Abreast with the latest technological developments, are the contemporary or modern schools that present a different picture. There are flow charts, white boards, cabinets for equipments, proper lighting, air-conditions, power supply and more. The desks of students are specially designed based on their average height, sitting arrangement and right posture. The floors are furnished, so on and so forth.

Teaching Methods
Apart from school apparatus, the teaching methodology also has seen quite a transformation. Teaching in modern schools is more or less child-oriented and not strictly compulsive. The primary objective of the teacher is to collate the capacities of the students so that they can imbibe the essential information and knowledge. Different techniques and technical aids are utilized for this purpose.

Virtual Reality and Teaching
Virtual reality has found a great scope in teaching the students in schools and other education institutes. There are many ways of incorporating the digital components to facilitate learning in a child. With the helps of computers, a software and multi media center, far better sensory experience of the unseen world has been provided to the students. They can see the human cells on a projector screen; see the details like nucleus, mitochondrion, chromosomes, genes and what not.

Yet another achievement made with the advent of virtual reality is the extension of the education to personal environment of student and non-presence of teacher. Virtual classrooms have web cameras, projector screen and better channels of communication that enable the teacher to interact with the students without actually being present in the classroom.

The avenues for modern schooling and teaching are limitless. With the support of the rapid technological developments, the schools are meant to be highly productive.

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