India is a land of diverse cultures and regions. All the states differ in terms of wealth, literacy level etc. that determine the growth prospects. States such as Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh etc. are amongst the top listed literate states. But some regions of the country like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. are lagging behind in this sphere due to lack of adequate educational facilities. One such state is Arunachal Pradesh, where the education system was relatively underdeveloped. But, with state government’s initiative, there has been a tremendous rise in the literacy level. Though there are plenty of schools and other educational institutions in the state of Arunachal Pradesh but still there is a need for more educational institutions to be set up in the state. So, if you want to start a school in Arunachal Pradesh and serve the society at large, go through the procedure mentioned below.

Arrange for Funds
To begin with, you will have to arrange for funds for your school. You may opt for setting up a primary or a secondary school. Accordingly, the amount of investment will vary. Typically, the amount required to start your own school in Arunachal Pradesh will be Rs. 50-60 lakhs. You can arrange for funds from bank loans or grants from financial institutions.

Ascertain the Location
Once you have arranged for the funds, the next step is to ascertain the location to open your school. You can set up your school in Kameng, Siang, Tawang, Dibang Valley or any other region of Arunachal Pradesh.

Acquire Land
After you have determined the location, now you have to acquire the land on which you will establish the school. Again, the area will vary depending upon the type of school you want to open. Ideally, 4,000-5,000 sq. ft. of land will be required for a primary school and for a secondary school 2-3 acres will suffice.

No Objection Certificate
It is mandatory to obtain NOC from the State Department of Education to buy your chosen land and to commence the construction work. So, apply for the NOC within a stipulated period of time.

Begin the construction process as soon as you receive the NOC. A good infrastructure is an essential element. So, you must ensure that the school building can easily accommodate spacious classrooms, library, labs and activity rooms. Along with the school building, you must ensure that there is a playground for sports activities as well.

Hire Staff
Once your school is ready for launch, start the recruitment process. You must hire certified and experienced candidates competent enough to handle the students. You can invite applications from your family and friends or you can hire them through a placement agency.

Promote your School
Promoting your school through banners, T.V. advertisements, newspapers etc. is an essential point and should not be neglected. Advertise your school for a considerable period of time and highlight the facilities your school offers, to attract the prospective parents.

The procedure is incomplete without seeking affiliation for the school. It implies that your school will have to abide by the norms, guidelines, curriculum, books prescribed etc. by the board to which you will seek affiliation to. CBSE, ICSE or State board of education grant the affiliation to schools in India. So, you have to get your school affiliated to one of these boards.

These are some of the key factors involved in starting a school. Though starting a school is a profitable venture but it is a time-consuming and lengthy procedure. So, it would be an intelligent decision to own a franchise. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is an established name in the education sector. With over 50+ branches across India and Abroad, SHEMFORD offers the best franchise model. Taking up a franchise will benefit you in years to come. So, fill this Franchise Application Form and get associated to SHEMFORD group of schools.

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