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Bangalore city, the capital of Karnataka is a hub for education for students all over India and many other parts of the world as well. Bangalore has one of the best educational institutions in the country. Here, the standard of education is considered to be comparatively higher than many other states of India. Due to this reason, there is an unending demand for more standardized institutions. Therefore, starting your own school in Bangalore/Bengaluru including Mysore, Belgaum, Bijapur or any other part of Karnataka will turn out to be a profitable venture. So, if you want to start a school in Bangalore, follow the easy steps given below-

    • One of the most important steps to start a school is to develop a budget. The budget will be decisive of all the basic requirements such as location and land acquiring cost, infrastructural cost, promotional and hiring expenses etc. Typically, to start a school in Bangalore, you will have to invest Rs. 70-80 lakhs.
    • The next step is to select a location. You must ensure that the location you choose has easy transport accessibility and offers a calm and conducive atmosphere.
    • After determining the location, you will have to acquire the land to establish your school. Since Bangalore is a metropolitan city, hence the land required to set up your school will be at least 1 acre.
    • Now, you will have to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Department of Education. This is important to own the land and start the construction process. So, secure this essential document within the stipulated period of time.
    • Once you have obtained the NOC, you can commence the construction process. Your school should possess spacious classrooms, a huge well-equipped library, amongst other infrastructural requirements.
    • Further, you will have to appoint certified and experienced staff for your school. For this, you can hire a placement agency which will assist you with the recruitment procedure. You will have to hire competent teaching and support staff for your school.
    • To make a mark in the sector, you have to advertise your school vigorously and for a considerable period of time. Promote your school through attractive banners and hoardings, conducting presentations and seminars which will declare the pre-launch of the new school in the city.
    • At last, you will have to seek affiliation to get your school registered. This means that your school will have to follow the curriculum, books prescribed and pay salaries to the staff according to the guidelines and norms of the board to which your school will seek affiliation to. CBSE, ICSE, or State Board of Education grants affiliation to the schools in Bangalore. So, get your school registered.

The above information will guide you to set up a school anywhere in Bangalore. But if you want a hassle-free start then taking up a franchise of an established brand will be an intelligent decision. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one name in the education sector that is synonymous to excellence. At SHEMFORD, you will be offered complete support and assistance to operate your school. So, fill up this Franchise Application Form and get associated to the pioneers in the recession-free education sector.

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