Gone are the days when the basic requirements to sustain a normal life were limited to food, clothing and shelter. The need of the hour is to gain education to face the challenges in this competitive world. Though our country offers ample number of educational institutions but they are not sufficient enough for the coming generation to reap benefits from. Moreover, there is a need for such institutions that aim at the holistic development of the students. Hence, you must consider investing in a school business.

Starting a school in Bhopal involves the following important steps:

To begin with, develop a budget. This would give you a rough estimate of the amount you will have to invest for starting a school in Bhopal. You will have to invest approximately Rs. 1-2 crores which includes land acquisition cost, promotional expenses and amount to remunerate the teachers. Since it is a hefty amount, so you can secure funds from loans and grants.

When you have arranged for funds, select a location appropriate for establishing a school. You can set-up your school anywhere in Bhopal that offers a pollution-free and peaceful environment.

Now, you will need to determine the land required to set-up your school. If you wish to set up a 10+2 school, then, you will require at least 1-2 acres of land for your school’s building and its premises which will include the garden area and playground.

You cannot start constructing the building without the consent of the concerned land authorities. So, it is important to obtain the NOCfrom the Department of Education.

Further, design the infrastructure and start constructing the building. The school building should primarily consist of classrooms, activity room, labs (science and computer) and a library.

Now, you need to promote your school to grab the attention of the prospective parents. You can conduct seminars and presentations in your new school premises, highlighting the salient features your school possesses.

At last, you will have to get your school affiliated. After seeking affiliation, your school will be counted amongst the most reputed and recognized schools in town.

No doubt, investment in a school is a beneficial option. But it does involve a lot of complexities and legal procedures at almost every step. So, it would be an intelligent decision to own a franchise of a branded institution. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one of India’s leading names in 10+2 school education. SHEMFORD offers exciting franchise opportunities with support and technical expertise in every field. So, just fill up this form and become a part of the pioneers in the education sector. Fill the Franchise Contact Form to get consultant’s advice.

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