Today we find many students migrating from Bihar to the other states for receiving education. The main reason behind this is the existence of huge gap between the demand & supply of better educational institutions in the state. This also caters as the main reason for the low literacy rate in Bihar. So, without a doubt the state requires more number of schools for higher education. Hence, opening your own 10+2 school in Bihar is a lucrative enterprise as it will not only fetch you profit but will also help you serve the social cause of imparting education and providing employment to a large section of the community.

In case you want to start a school in Bihar, go through following steps.

First, you need to formulate a clear & comprehensive business plan highlighting details about the capital investment, infrastructure, number of teachers you will recruit, number of students you will enroll, expenses for promotional activities etc.
Next, you are required to form a registered Society/Trust. Ensure that the members of your trust are experienced entrepreneurs with educational background, as they will be running your school.
Now, you are supposed to secure a budget for starting your school. To start this venture in Bihar or any other city of the state like Patna, Gaya, Purnia, Darbhanga, Bhagalpur etc., you need to arrange an investment of at least 2 to 3 Crores. You may borrow money from private money lenders or banks & other financial institutions.
After securing the budget, you need to look for a suitable land for the construction of your 10+2 school in Bihar. Ensure that the land you choose must be non-agricultural and available for the commercial purpose only.
Further, in order to get your land approved, you need to obtain the NOC from the Government of Bihar.
After obtaining the NOC, you need to construct your school building and its premises. For this, you may first develop a plan specifying the dimensions of the infrastructure of your school.
After the completion of the construction, you may go ahead with the wood work and other facilities like water supply and power supply. Also, make sure to equip your school with safety devices such as fire extinguishers.
The next important step that you need to undertake is to get your school recognized from the concerned authority. The Department of Education of Bihar is responsible for granting recognition to the Senior Secondary Schools.
Along with recognition, you also need to get your school affiliated to a board. It can be CBSE, ICSE or Bihar state board. In order to get your school known in the state and the nation as well, it is advised to get CBSE/ICSE affiliation for your school, as these are the two most popular boards available.
The next step is to promote your school in Bihar. You may place print ads in newspapers, display hoardings/billboards along side of busy roads etc. you may also announce the upcoming of your school by organizing a press conference.
Last but not the least; you need to hire experienced and qualified teachers, administrative staff and other support staff for your school.

Although starting a school in Bihar is a complicated and lengthy process, but the results are worth the effort. However, if you still are clueless about opening your own school, you may resort to the franchising option. Buying franchise of a reputed and well-established brand is a lucrative and cost effective way of starting your school successfully in any city of Bihar. The SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools offer fruitful franchise opportunities across India & abroad. Get associated with SHEMFORD to avail benefits of its five star support system by filling the franchise application form given here.

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