Education has become an inevitable part of an individual’s life. The educational institutions are very important as they deliver education, a possessed asset in today’s time. In our country, there is a dearth of quality educational institutions. This means, that there are regions where standardized institutions do not exist. Hence, it becomes imperative to look into this matter and find a solution to it. The only way out is to set up more educational institutions to keep the country on the path of steady growth. Amongst other parts of the country, Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat has the highest education level i.e. 87.11% in the state of Gujarat. The capital city has many educational institutions but still, there is a scope for more. So, anyone who wants to set up his own school in Gandhinagar must follow the step-wise procedure given below.

The first and foremost thing to consider while starting a school is the amount of capital investment. The investment will largely depend on the type of school you are planning to open i.e. playschool, primary school or secondary school. For instance, a playschool can be started with Rs. 5-6 lakhs, a primary school with Rs. 12-15 lakhs and for a secondary school the amount of investment will be at least Rs. I crore.
After you determine the amount of investment and the type of school you want to open, the next step is to search for a location in Gandhinagar, to establish your school. Ensure that the location you choose has a calm and peaceful environment. Also, there should be easy transport accessibility.
Once you decide the location, the next step is to acquire land. Again, the land requirements would vary according to the type of school you want to open. To set up a primary school anywhere in Gandhinagar, 4,000-5,000 sq. ft. of area is sufficient. On the other hand for a formal school I-2 acres of land will suffice the essential facilities.
Now, you will have to obtain an Essentiality Certificate (EC) from the State Department of Education, without which you cannot commence the construction procedure. So, make sure you obtain the certificate within the stipulated period of time.
After obtaining the EC, you can start constructing the school building. The school infrastructure should be designed in such a way that it stimulates a learning environment. Spacious classrooms, well-equipped library, play area, activity rooms etc. are some of the basic facilities that your school must possess.
Once your school is ready for launch, you can start recruiting the teaching and non-teaching staff. Appoint well-qualified and experienced staff who is competent enough to handle the children.
Further, you have to publicise your school to make it known to the prospective parents in Gandhinagar. You can put up banners and hoardings in the area and along the busy roads of the city, to declare the pre-launch of your school. Apart from this, you can distribute flyers and pamphlets to promote your school.
At last, the most important step is to get you school affiliated to a recognized board of education. Schools in Gandhinagar are affiliated with the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board and Central Board. Hence, make sure that you seek affiliation for your school from any of these two boards.

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