Goa, in addition to being a renowned Indian tourist spot, also takes pride in being one of the most literate states of the country. The city of Goa has shown an impressive progress in the education sector with a consistent increase in its literacy rate. The main aim of the Goan education system is to universalize education at all the levels. Further, efforts have been made to meet the growing demand for education at the secondary and higher secondary levels. So, in case you are willing to enter the education sector, you may open a formal school in Goa.

Go through the following pointers which will help you to start a school in Goa.

Budget estimation – The first step is to set a budget and arrange money for the land, construction, facilities & promotion of your school. The capital investment for starting a formal school in Goa depends upon the land area & the location you choose for the same. On an average, an amount ranging between Rs.2-3 Crores would be required.

Land acquisition – Once you’ve decided the budget and arranged finances, next, you need to get a suitable land for your school. Generally, the land area depends upon the type of school you want to open. You will require a minimum of 1 acre of land to open a primary school, whereas, for a secondary or a 10+2 school you will require around 2 acres of land. The land could be your own property or leased.

School construction – After acquiring the land, you may start establishing your school building. To serve this purpose you may appoint a contractor or an architect. But remember to obtain permissions from the Government of Goa before commencing the construction. The acquisition of the NOC affirms the possession of land & certifies the requirement of school in a particular area.

Facilities & equipment – After the finishing of construction, start equipping your school with the basic facilities such as water supply, electricity supply, stationary supply, furniture, books for library, apparatuses & instruments for labs, equipment for sports etc.

School affiliation – It is useless to open a school without taking up a recognized education system. So, acquiring affiliation from a recognized educational body is the next step. Various boards such as CBSE, ICSE or Goa state board can be considered for gaining affiliation from. The school is supposed to fulfill certain criteria as mentioned by the respective board in order to gain affiliation.

Brand promotion – Once you have equipped your school with all the facilities and gained affiliation, next, you need to get your school name known to others. Therefore, you need to plan extensive activities such as a marketing campaign, seminars & presentations, workshops for parents & students etc.

Faculty recruitment – The last and the final step would be to hire teaching and non-teaching staff for your school. Recruit teachers who have successfully completed the B.Ed degree and are willing to work for the betterment of society.

If opening your own school in Goa is a difficult task for you, the get associated with SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools which offer franchise opportunities to people who want to invest their money in the education sector. You can become a franchisee of SHEMFORD by completing few formalities and filing in a franchise application form given here.

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