The rising demand for standardized and quality education in India, has paved the way for growing number of primary and secondary schools. If you are planning to start an educational institution on your own, then opening a school will be an intelligent idea. Moreover, investment in a school will turn out to be fruitful if you have the knowledge, expertise and the desire to enter this noble profession.

If you want to start a school in Jaipur, then go through the step wise procedure mentioned here.

To ascertain the amount of capital investment is the prime concern while starting a school. The investment to start a school will largely depend upon the nature of school and the location you choose. However, to start a school anywhere in Jaipur, you need to invest a minimum of approximately Rs.80-90 lakhs approximately.
After securing the funds, select a location suitable for establishing a school in Jaipur. Make sure that the location you choose is situated in a serene environment and offer easy transport accessibility.
Next acquire the land to construct your school. The land could be your own property or it could be leased (with a rental agreement of minimum 30 years). You cannot acquire the land unless you obtain the sanction from the State Department of Education.
So, get the sanction from the State Department of Education, by obtaining the Essentiality Certificate (EC), following which you can start constructing the school building.
Once you obtain the EC, start the construction of your school building. For this, you may hire an architect or a contractor who will design the layout. This will help you to define the dimensions of the school building and the playground as well.
Further, you need to conduct interviews for the teaching and non-teaching staff. Make sure you appoint certified, potential and experienced candidates for the teaching, administrative and accounts department as well.
Next, promote your school through effective marketing strategies. To grab the attention of the prospective parents, put up banners and hoardings in the residential areas, distribute flyers and pamphlets, advertise in T.V. and newspapers etc.
Remember that a recognized and affiliated school attracts more admissions So, the last and the most important step is to seek affiliation from CBSE, CISCE or Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education.

Though investment in a school is lucrative and profitable, it does involve complexities and legal formalities at every step. So, it would be a wise decision to opt for a franchise. If you want maximum profits with minimal efforts, then fill this Franchise Application Form and reap the benefits as a SHEMFORD Futuristic School franchise. SHEMFORD offers 100% support and guidance at every step and thereafter too. So, grab the opportunity and be an esteemed member of the SHEMFORD family.

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