Karnataka, with its rich educational background, has become an educational hub for students from all over India and abroad as well. The educational institutions of the state enable the students to prepare for a competitive working environment by delivering high standards of education in various fields of study. Furthermore, the government of Karnataka is taking initiatives in assuring compulsory primary education to the children. Therefore, starting a school in Karnataka can be a fruitful enterprise. If you want to start your own school in Karnataka, then go through the following procedure.

Determine the demand of the local market (Primary school, Secondary school or a Senior Secondary school). For that, you may approach a marketing company to carry out a survey. However, it is advised to establish a primary division first and then gradually upgrade it to higher level.

Prepare a business plan which should be a blue print of how your future school is going to be. So, incorporate operational plans, marketing strategies, educational approach etc. in your business plan.

Assemble a committee which would eventually become the board of directors of your school. Ensure that the members of the committee are experts in different areas namely, education, business, accounting etc.

Register this committee as a society under the Societies Registration Act to prove its non-profit motive.

Determine your budget and secure funding options. An investment ranging between 1 to 2 Crores would suffice the requirements of opening a school in Karnataka. You may borrow money from money lenders or financial institutions that provide loans for this purpose.

Obtain the No Objection certificate (NOC) from the state government. This would serve as the basis for the approval of land. Also, obtain the letter of sponsorship. Forward it to the land owing agency of the state (DDA/MCD) to obtain the land for the establishment of your school.

Start constructing your school building as soon as the land is allotted to you. Keep in mind that the building should be constructed on one part of the land and a sufficient area of land must be reserved for a proper playground. Also, ensure that the building should accommodate all the essential facilities such as well-ventilated classrooms, adequate bathrooms, library, computer room, well-equipped laboratories for different subjects, principal’s office, staff room etc.

Get recognition from the authority concerned. MCD provides recognition to primary schools whereas DoE provides recognition to secondary and senior secondary schools.

Get your school affiliated to a recognized board. You may seek affiliation to CBSE, ICSE or the Karnataka state board. You are required to fill an application form and submit it to the board authority along with a prescribed fee. Once your school has been affiliated, it is expected to adhere to the norms and standards established by the respective board.

Promote your school to the prospective parents and students. Get a feature story printed in the local newspapers about the services offered by your school. You may also implement other promotional activities such as putting up hoardings, circulating flyers etc.

Hire potential faculty for your school. You may approach recruiting agencies which will further help you to find qualified teachers and other staff for administrative work.

Once you are done with the procedure mentioned above, you may start admitting students to your school. However, the procedure mentioned above is not as easy as it seems. It takes lot of commitment and efforts. In case you want to save yourself from all the complexities and still want to start your own school, then franchising is the best option for you. SHEMFORD futuristic School stands out from the crowd, when it comes to formal school franchising. So, be a part of SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools by filling the application form given here.

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