The future generation of the country is fast realizing the need for quality education. Due to this reason, their parents are in a constant search of well established and recognized educational institutions. Hence, to address the everlasting demand for standardized education in India, it is imperative to establish recognized schools and other educational institutions. Therefore, all the aspiring businesspersons should aim at investing in a school. Moreover, setting up a school in Ujjain, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Indore or any other part of Madhya Pradesh is a beneficial investment.

So, if you wish to start a school in Madhya Pradesh, following information will be beneficial.

To set up a school in Madhya Pradesh, you would have to invest approximately Rs. 80-90 lakhs. The amount of capital investment would vary as per the location you choose and other factors such as infrastructure cost, promotion and recruitment expenses.
A school should be situated in a calm and peaceful environment, fit for students to learn in. So, the next step is to select a location apt for opening a school. You may consider any place in Madhya Pradesh but ensure that it gets easily accessible from different locations.
Now, you will need to acquire the land in the location you have selected. Ideally, a land area of around 1 acre will be sufficient to construct the building on one part and a playground on the other.
Further, you will need to approach the State Department of Education to obtain the Essentiality Certificate (EC), failing which you cannot secure the desired land. So, you should timely obtain the EC to start off with the construction process.
After obtaining the EC you can officially commence with the construction of the school building. The school infrastructure should be designed in such a way that it stimulates learning.
Once the school is ready and completely furnished, invite applications for the post of teachers, administrators and other staff for your school. Ensure that you recruit certified and experienced staff competent enough to manage the activities conducted in the school.
The next important step is to make your brand known. This simply means that you need to promote your brand using effective marketing strategies like distributing flyers and pamphlets; giving advertisements in newspapers and radio to invite admission queries to your school.
After your school has gained enough publicity, you should seek affiliation. The most prominent affiliating authorities in the country are CBSE and ICSE. CBSE offers affiliation to both English as well as Hindi medium schools. However, ICSE grants affiliation to English medium schools only.

The aforesaid steps will give you an over-view on how to open a school in Madhya Pradesh. However, if you want to avoid this complex procedure, then opt for a franchise of a renowned institution. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a chain of formal schools that has over 50+ branches spread across India and Abroad. The chain of schools operates under the supervision and guidance of highly professional and intellectual educationists. Association with SHEMFORD will reap you benefits for years to come. So, fill up this form and become an esteemed part of the SHEMFORD Group of Schools.

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