Previously, the education in Manipur was meant only for the upper class people. But, today the modern perspective of the citizens of Manipur and the efforts made by the Manipur government has changed this outlook and the state now occupies a strong position in the education field. Today, the education in the state of Manipur is at par with the education in other states of the country. The schools in Manipur offer excellent learning environment in addition to a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. However, the number of schools is still not in proportion with its population. So, it is a wise decision to invest your money in starting a school in Manipur.

In case you want to start a school in Manipur, go through the step-by-step procedure given below.

First, conduct a survey to identify the need of the market and determine the kind of school that you want to open in Manipur. Besides this, you can select from different kinds of schools (preschool, primary school, secondary school or a boarding school) on the basis of your investment and availability of resources. However, investing in a formal school is a much better option.
Next, you need to arrange money for the establishment of your school. For that, you may borrow money from private money lenders. Since, you need money for investing in the education sector, so there will be an easy availability of loans from the banks/private institutions as well.
Further, your school needs to be run by a committee that must be registered under the Societies Registration Act or any other act as mentioned by the Manipur Government.
Next, you need to get license/permission from the authority concerned in order to get your land approved by the land owing agency of the state. So, complete the formalities and obtain the NOC from the DoE to get a confirmed possession of the land.
You need to develop a constructional plan as soon as you acquire the land. Ensure that your constructional plan should accommodate a school building (which includes classrooms, staff room, bathrooms, library, labs etc.), a playground (which includes separate area for a garden), an auditorium etc. You may further include a swimming pool in your school.
Simultaneously, procure furniture and other materials required for your school.
Further, you need to apply for recognition & affiliation from the concerned educational bodies. It is advised to get affiliation from the CBSE board of education as it offers excellent learning curriculum for the students. Besides this, it also helps your school to be ranked among some of the top schools in the state.
Next, you are supposed to formulate rules & regulations for your school that the management and faculty will have to follow once your school starts operating.
After setting the rules & regulations for your school, you need to advertise your school in the neighbouring areas. You may design brochures and circulate it in the locality to attract prospective parents & students. This will result in increased number of admissions for your school.
Finally, you need to hire experienced & learned faculty for your school. Hire a principal, subject teachers, office boys, librarian, sports teacher and other administrative staff.
Once you are over with the recruitment process, start admitting students to your school.
However, the entire procedure to start a school Manipur is a bit complicated and expensive. The franchise option offers you a platform wherein you can start a school by putting in minimum efforts and drawing maximum profit. Among the various brands that offer school franchise, SHEMFORD is the most trusted and reputed CBSE schools which is run by well-educated management. So apply now for the SHEMFORD school franchise by filling the franchise application form given here.

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