Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra is the hotspot destination for education & learning in the entire South East-Asia. The city is brimming with renowned educational institutions that provide education right from pre schooling to PhD level and higher. It is also referred to as the research hub of India, owing to its wide array of research institutions. Furthermore, when it comes to formal education, Mumbai boasts about having some of the best schools that provides world class facilities, best infrastructure and innovative medium of study. However, the number of schools in Mumbai is not in proportion to its growing population. So, seeing this never ending demand for schools, starting own school in Mumbai is one of the safest business ventures.

So if you want to start a school in Mumbai, the guidelines given below will help you through the startup process.

Before starting your venture, you first need to develop a strategic plan of how to accomplish your goal of setting up a school in Mumbai. A clear & comprehensive business plan serves several purposes like raising funds, developing public relations, recruitment at various levels etc.
Once your business plan is ready, next you need to form a board of interested individuals for operating your school. In order to prove the non-profit motive of your board/committee, you need to get it registered as a society under the Societies registration Act, 1860.
Next, you need to secure funds for the land, physical infrastructure, basic facilities, marketing, recruitment process etc. Since the investment for opening a school in Mumbai is around Rs.2 Crores (which may slightly vary from place to place), so, you may take money from banks or private financial institutions.
After securing the budget, you need to acquire the permission from the Department of education (DoE) regarding the need of a school in a particular location. The DoE gives this permission in the form a No-Objection certificate (NOC).
As soon as you receive the NOC, you may start looking for a suitable location for establishing your school. Once you’ve found the right location, you may forward the ‘letter of sponsorship’ that you received from the DoE to the land owing agency of the state, on the basis of it which will allocate a piece of land to you at subsidized rate.
Next, you can begin with the construction of your school. Remember that, the construction must be commenced within 3 years of getting the NOC, failing which you will have to apply for its renewal.
Once the construction of your school is over and the building is ready, you may apply for affiliation. Most of the private schools in Mumbai are either affiliated to CBSE or the Maharashtra state board. So, you can opt from any of these.
After gaining affiliation, you can complete the wood work, whitewashing and other finishing work.
The next important step is to advertise your school. You need to plan effective marketing strategies in order to get your school name noticed. So, you may organize events such as presentations, book fair, parenting workshops etc. which would attract more number of prospective parents & children.
Along with the promotion of your school, you may start conducting interviews to recruit staff for your school. You would require PGTs & TGTs of respective subjects, non-teaching staff which will take care of the administration and other support staff.
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