Nagaland is the one of the smallest Indian state with moderately increasing literacy rate. It is one of those states which are blessed with educational institutions having learned & experienced faculties and modern facilities to accomplish the high standard of education. Initiatives have been made by the Nagaland Government to enhance the level of elementary education in Nagaland. Moreover, the citizens of Nagaland look forward to value education for their children as they very well understand the value of knowledge in nation building. So, opening a school that provides standardized education system to the students of Nagaland can be a rewarding as well as profitable venture.

In case you are interested to open a school in Nagaland, the following steps will guide you through the entire procedure of opening a school.

Making an estimate of the budget requirement is the very first step that you need to undertake while opening a school. To open a school in Nagaland, the budget requirement would generally vary between 1 Crore to 2 Crore.
Forming a registered Society/Trust is the next step. It is highly advised to include those members who are financially sound (willing to invest their money in your school) and have good years of entrepreneurial experience. This would solve the problem of arrangement of funds for your venture.
The third important step is to get the NOC and a letter of sponsorship approved from the Department of Education (DoE). This will help you in easy acquirement of a land from the state’s land owing agency at subsidized rate.
After the allotment of land, creating a plan/layout for the school building is the next step. Appoint an architect to do the same for your school as per your requirements. After that, hire a contractor who will look after the construction of your school building. Further you need to make sure that an ample space is left for a playground. You may also include an auditorium in your school.
When the construction is about to get over, you may simultaneously apply for recognition from the concerned governmental body such as MCD in case of primary school and DoE in case of secondary or senior secondary school.
After fulfilling the aforementioned formalities, introducing your school to the community is the next important step. For that, you need to shell out a large sum of money for the marketing campaign and advertising.
Further you can promote your brand by attaining affiliation from a recognized board for your school. CBSE & ICSE are the two most popular boards which are well-known for providing children friendly curriculum to schools.
The last step is to recruit teachers & administrators for your school. Make sure that the management consists of well-qualified & experienced professionals.
If you find that opening a school in Nagaland is not possible and is complicated, in that case you are advised to become a franchisee of the SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools which is one of the most successful and renowned chains of formal school. So, become a franchisee of SHEMFORD by filling the application form given here.

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