Punjab is one of the distinguished and renowned states of north India, famous for its rich cultural and traditional heritage. Besides this, the state of Punjab has a well-developed education system which encourages a blend of education and strong cultural base for the overall development of its students. Moreover, to underline the importance of education, the Punjab government has introduced various schemes to develop a passion for learning among its citizens. Furthermore, the government is aiming to increase the number of formal schools so that no child is left behind in acquiring education. Seeing this, more and more private schools are also flourishing in the state of Punjab.

If you are also willing to enter the education sector, then start your own private school in any of the major cities of Punjab namely Ludhiana, Patiala, Amritsar or Jalandhar. Guidelines to start a school in Punjab are given below.

First, you need to have a clear idea of what type of school you wish to open. It can be a primary school or a senior secondary school. To make this decision easier, you may conduct an extensive survey to identify the local market’s need.
Next, you need to form a registered panel/committee of talented all-rounders who will gradually become the representatives of your school. Further, get a commitment of financial support and time from every member of your panel.
After forming the panel, appoint a financial person to develop a blue print of all the income & expenses that will be involved in the establishment of your school.
After developing a budget, the next step is to find a land. In case you already have a piece of land, get it approved by the Department of Education. Else, you can buy the land from the land owing agency after acquiring the NOC from the state government.
Next, you need to set up the physical infrastructure of your school. While constructing the school building make sure that a sufficient area is left for the playground. Also ensure that there must be separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Once the construction is over, you may start purchasing the basic amenities required for your school. Make sure to buy adequate furniture for classrooms, staff room, principal’s office, library etc. Further ensure that the furniture is safe and durable. Also buy the required teaching equipment, apparatuses and instruments for labs.
Getting recognition from MCD/DoE is the next step. So, you need to fill an application form and submit to the concerned authority in order to get your school recognized. (MCD grants recognition up to 5th grade whereas DoE grants recognition to secondary & senior secondary school).
Besides this, you also need to gain affiliation for your school from a distinguished board. You are free to seek affiliation to CISCE, CBSE or the Punjab state board. However, remember that your school is expected to comply with the norms and maintain the standard of education in your school in accordance with the board you are seeking affiliation to.
Now it is the time to promote your school and get it noticed in the community. For that you can organize press conference announcing its launch followed by other promotional activities. You may even create a web site for your school and create a list of email ids to keep in touch with the prospective parents.
At last, choose the key staff members for your school and hire skilled faculty. You can either conduct interviews on your own or contact placement agencies for the recruitment process.
Now that your school is ready to operate, you may start with the admission procedure.
The task of opening a school takes up a lot of your time and can also prove to be expensive. So, taking up school franchise of an established brand is a safe option. With its 7-tier support system, SHEMFORD provides excellent franchise opportunities. Furthermore, SHEMFORD’s support system offers 100% guidance throughout the star up process and ensures a smooth running of your school even after its establishment. So, join hands with SHEMFORD and open a school anywhere in Punjab. Fill the application form provided here.

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