In India, schools are consistently growing in number and popularity. The growing population of the country, demands standardized education to prepare themselves to face the competitive world. In present times, the curriculum in the schools is designed in such a way that stimulates a learning environment. Schools aim at the holistic growth of the students. Hence, looking at the growing demand of schools, investment in this sector is a win-win situation for the aspiring investors.

Starting a school in Shimla will prove to be a fruitful venture, if you follow the steps given below-

To begin with, you will have to determine the amount of investment. In order to set up a school in Shimla, you will require at least Rs. 40-50 lakhs. The amount will differ as per the location chosen by you.
The next step is to select a suitable location in the lush green city of Shimla. Since it is a hilly area, therefore it will offer a calm and peaceful environment apt for students to learn and excel.
Now, you have to acquire the land in the location you have selected. Ensure that you get the official sanction from the State Department of Education, in the form of the Essentiality Certificate (EC).
Once you have obtained the EC, you can begin with the construction procedure. Make sure that your school accommodates the basic requirements such as well-equipped library, ventilated classrooms, computer labs etc.
Further, you have to hire certified teachers and other administrative staff for your school. The candidates you will appoint must have experience in their respective fields.
Effective marketing strategies and promotional measures will invite more admissions to your school. Hence, advertise your school through pamphlets, flyers, banners and hoardings or through word of mouth to gain the attention of the prospective parents in the city of Shimla.
The process does not end here. You will have to seek affiliation from CBSE, ICSE or Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education to get you school listed amongst the recognized and affiliated schools in town.
If you feel that starting your school in Shimla will be expensive, then get associated with SHEMFORD. With over 50+ branches across the world, SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools has carved a niche for itself. After getting associated to SHEMFORD as a franchisee, you will be able to grow in all spheres and learn the art of running a school. So, complete a few formalities on paper and reap the benefits for years to come. If you want to start a school in Shimla, fill the Franchise Application Form given here.

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