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For children schools are home away from home. Besides parents, schools play a crucial role in nurturing the children. At schools, children are taught in such a manner that they not only excels academically but grows mentally and socially as well. Due to the increasing awareness of education, there is a need for educated individuals who wish to cater to the society by delivering standard education. In case you are planning to start a school in Tamil Nadu, one of the most literate states in the country, go through the steps given below.

The investment largely depends on the type of school. You can start a school in Tamil Nadu, with an investment of approximately Rs. 70-80 lakhs. To arrange such a hefty amount, you can secure bank loans or grants from financial institutions.
Further, search for a location in the state to establish your school. Thanjavur, Coimbatore, Chennai, Kanchipuram, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Ariyalur are some of the prominent regions, you can select from to set-up the school.
Acquiring the land will be the next step. Ideally, an area of about 1 acre will easily accommodate the school building on one part and a playground on the other.
Now, obtain the sanction from the State Department of Education in the form of No Objection Certificate (NOC). It is mandatory to obtain the certificate in order to start constructing the school building.
Further, you can commence with the construction. Make sure that the school building includes spacious classrooms, library, huge playground, proper gymnasium etc.
Now that your school is almost ready for operations, you can start interviewing the candidates for the respective posts. Ensure that you recruit both teaching and non-teaching support staff for smooth functioning in the school.
After the recruitment procedure is over, you will have to advertise your school. To make your brand known in Tamil Nadu, you can give advertisements in newspapers, T.V. and radio. you can even conduct an event to reflect the infrastructure and the faculty of your school.
Lastly, you will also have to seek affiliation for your school. The prime institutions that grant affiliation to schools at primary and secondary level are CBSE, CISCE and State Board of Education. So, make sure you seek affiliation timely.
Setting up a school is equivalent to setting up a new business venture. So, if you find it difficult to start a school in Tamil Nadu all by yourself, then you must opt for a franchise. If you are searching for a school in Tamil Nadu that offers franchising model then SHEMFORD is a prominent name in this field. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a leading brand with over 50+ branches in India and Abroad as well. So, if you wish to reap the benefits as a SHEMFORD franchise fill this form and complete a few basic formalities. Click Here.

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