With the establishment of the school education department of Tripura, education has developed and is still developing at a fast pace. Within a small area, the beautiful state of Tripura offers plentiful opportunities for students from both within & outside the state. Moreover, the demand for private schools in the state is increasing at a steady rate as parents today are more concerned about providing a standardized & better schooling to their children. So, this increasing demand for private schools has made the education sector a highly competitive business. Moreover, investing money in a school is lucrative and helps you to gain respect in the society.

So, in case you want to open a school in Tripura, go through the following steps.

For starting a school in Agartala, Badharghat, Dharma nagar or any other city of Tripura, you would require a good amount of investment. So, depending upon the type of school and the location, make an estimate of the budget required and arrange for the funds. For instance, if you are planning to open a 10+2 school in Tripura, you will need to arrange a minimum amount of Rs.2 crore.
Further, you need to prove the non-profit motive of your venture. For that, you are supposed to form a committee and get it registered under the Societies Registration act (1860).
Next, you need to start looking for a location to start your private school. Ensure that the location you choose is well connected to all means of transport for easy accessibility. Further make sure that the land is non-agricultural. If not, then get it converted into commercial/institutional land.
Also, since you are opening a school in Tripura, the minimum land requirement is around 1-2 acres. Make sure that you get this land registered by the State Department of Education because only then you will be able to buy the land and commence the construction work.
So, after obtaining the NOC, begin with the construction of your school. Make sure that your school’s infrastructure and designing is in accordance with the norms established by the state government. The school building must be constructed on one part of the land and a playground on the remaining part. Further ensure that the classrooms are spacious and well equipped with all the necessary teaching equipment. Also, there should be appropriate safety measures like railings along staircase, fire extinguishers etc.
Now that your school building is ready, complete white washing and the finishing work. Simultaneously, apply for recognition from the concerned government agency. (MCD in case of primary school and DoE in case of senior secondary school).
Next, you need to get your school affiliated to a recognized board such as CBSE or the Tripura state board. However, it is highly advised to get affiliation from CBSE as it requires the schools to follow quality standards by providing best education at primary and secondary levels.
Now you may start interviewing candidates for recruiting qualified & experienced teachers. Besides this, recruit administrative staff like account executives, helpers, clerks etc. for the smooth functioning of your school.
Lastly, you need to promote your school through hoardings, pamphlets, advertisements etc. You may also design a website or a page of your school on social networking sites. Promotion is essential as it attracts admission enquiries and in turn more admissions.
So, these are some important steps involved in starting your own school. However, lack of experience might make it difficult for you to open a new school. Therefore, consider being a franchisee of an established brand and start a school with ease. SHEMFORD is one such brand that offers attractive franchise opportunities to people who are willing to enter this noble profession. So, fill the application form given here and become a proud owner of your own SHEMFORD branch in Tripura.

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