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SHEMFORD Group of Schools presents a dynamic and enlightened community that share the bond of mutual learning and development. The review, even into the intricacies has enriched the community to stay ahead of time and excel in all spheres of life.

In the prevailing education system, there is a wide gap and plenty of obstacles that prevent the students, teachers and parents to effectively interact and share their experiences and knowledge.

The Blog is an integral part of our Online Resources that is provided as a value-added incentive to our alumni, teachers, parents and the interested readers. In the past few years, we have had a lot of queries addressed to us wherein the readers ask for assistance and help. Due to this consideration, we are working upon an extended model of sharing our knowledge and expertise.

The Blog presents the voice and opinion of the education community and the interested parents who have had few opportunities to present their views and opinions.

The essence of this Blog is an open model of healthy communication intended to take place between the students, the parents and the authorities that form a part of our education community.

To get the most out of our online resource, we have structured the contents of this blog and segregated them under separate sections. Readers can go through these sections and get the latest information on education, schooling, parenting, childcare and a number of other issues.

Shemford Blog will cover:

  • Education Resources
  • Schooling
  • Exams And Results
  • Contests And Giveaways
  • Franchise Related Information

We hope that you will help us to extend the meaning and scope of this Blog. Your views, opinions and feedback are welcome.

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