This article has been written for locations in India, particularly in the North Indian context, but some points may apply to other location as well.

For many academicians, scholars and common people, the school is one noble institution to establish. It occupies a prime place in the social milieu of India and is sometimes considered as a moral obligation.

From ancients times schools and learning centers have been instituted. Things have changed over the years and today the schools have been established to meet certain desired needs. In every city and town, you will find schools; at some places few and at others galore of them. Based on need and available amenities and supporting services, some places are better suited to open a new school.

Prime Locations / Centers for Opening a New School
A school cannot be run on just philosophy and principles. A good location is one of the first requisites to open a school. City centers, outskirts of the city, townships, districts, tehsils – all qualify for good location. For primary schools experts believe that population above two lacs serves best. For other set ups like senior secondary, the population should be higher than the mentioned figure. Boarding schools can have a good success rate even far from the city.

Socio-Economic Conditions
A non-funded schools i.e., school which does not receive government aid or private school would have to raise money for daily operations. The money is raised partly as fee charged from the students. At place where socio-economic conditions meet the paying capacity of the parents to pay the fee, the school is going to be more successful.

Awareness Among the Populace
The locality where a school is intended to be opened must be aware of the need of the school and must also be aware of difference in education standards and facilities provided. Even though there are good socio-economic conditions at some places, but the parents are not much inclined to send their children to schools to receive formal education. It happens in some townships in the country.

The ideal place must be connected to the adjoining cities and towns in the country. The students must be easily access and reach the school. These are some of the prerequisites for opening a new school in India.

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