Why Shemford?

Our Curriculum

ShemEduMAX™: Our Innovative and Futuristic Approach

Meeting the needs of the children and parents alike, SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools are powered by a carefully-planned and dynamic curriculum- ShemEduMAX™.

ShemEduMAX™ empowers students with the knowledge and skills to meet the complex demands of modern society as responsible individuals. It is a Child-Centered Curriculum with Engaging Teaching Methods and Personalised Assessment in a Conducive Learning Environment. Designed by Award-Winning Educationists of India, the curriculum is the result of over 30 years of extensive research and teaching-learning experiences.

Pillars of ShemEduMAX™


Life skills are the building blocks that allow students to apply the knowledge they acquire in school to real-world problems and situations. Building life skills is essentially an exercise in helping children develop sound judgment and good habits for long-term stability, wellness, and success.

At SHEMFORD, we have a comprehensive life-skills development programme which includes Development of Thinking Skills, Personality Enhancement and Enhancement of English Communication Skills.  We integrate life skills into our teaching so that rather than being seen as something extra, or even being neglected entirely, they become the central thread of what we do.


Educating a child is a huge responsibility and privilege. To give students an inspiring and supportive environment, we have developed a curriculum that promotes a love for lifelong learning, confidence to tackle challenges, develop leadership qualities, remain curious and motivated.

Our SHEMFORD Stars are the centre of our educational process & system. Our curriculum is balanced and promotes their cognitive, moral and physical development where a child gets actively involved in his/her own learning process. It has been thoughtfully designed to promote and sustain the innate curiosity of children.


Research has proved that engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills and promotes meaningful learning experiences. At SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, a lot of importance is given to the designing & implementation of teaching methods that engage the attention of the children in the learning process. We make teaching-learning process an interesting and joyful experience wherein both teachers and children are involved.

The children learn via interactive modules allowing their active participation in Group Discussions, Projects, Presentations, Quizzes, Games, Thinking Sessions, Role Plays, etc. These methods involve each student into the learning process thereby creating an environment where children come to school not because they have to, but because they want to.


At SHEMFORD, we have a Continuous Evaluation Process, which helps in personalised assessment of each child, helping to maximise her potential and develop the right attitude for life beyond the school years. We have made Evaluation an integral part of the teaching-learning process that covers all aspects of students’ development. Our teachers use several evaluation tools to assess competency both at an individual and at the class level. A variety of tools & techniques like written tests, oral performance, observation techniques and use of cumulative records are part of the evaluation process.


“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Hence, we give equal importance to healthy diets, building life-long habits of physical exercises among our students. Our students are encouraged to participate in various sports such as cricket, badminton, etc. which increases their confidence, self-esteem and mental alertness. In addition, every day, students attend & participate activities like Yoga, aerobics, Dance, sessions on healthy diet & hygiene. This helps to inculcate lifelong healthy habits among our ShemStars.


At SHEMFORD we believe, ‘Values are caught and not taught’, therefore, through SHEMFORD Sanskars, we focus on instilling the right values and virtues in our children right from the early years. Each month, children undertake various activities related to the ‘Values of the Month’ which are based on the core values of our society such as respect, honesty, cooperation, affection, sharing, etc.


We believe that an effective parent-teacher partnership can make a significant difference in a child’s education.  Therefore, we have created a unique Parent Participation Programme – titled ‘SYNERGY’. The word SYNERGY literally means ‘coming together of two distinct influences for a common purpose’. So, parents are invited to attend parent participation programmes, parenting workshops, parents facilitator meets, etc. This approach gives parents an opportunity to strengthen their relationships with their children.

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