World Animal Day, Tips to celebrate World Animal Day


World Animal Day as the name suggests is a day entirely dedicated to the existence of the animal life in all its forms across the world. Started in the year 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence, World Animal Day highlights the plight of endangered species around the world. Since then, every year on 4th October, this day is celebrated as a mark of remembering and paying tribute to all the animals.

Keeping in view the following missions, World Animal Day was declared by the United Nations to be celebrated on 4th October to:

–  Celebrate animal life in all its forms

–  Celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom

–  Acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives –from being our companions, supporting and helping us, to brining a sense of wonder into our lives

–  Acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives

The prime objective of celebrating World Animal Day is for the people to “use this special day to commemorate their love and respect for animals by doing something special to highlight their importance in the world. Increased awareness will lead the way to improved standards of animal welfare throughout the world.”

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Tips to celebrate World Animal Day:

  • Read books and journals by animal experts and expand your knowledge.
  • Watch television channels viz. Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic to gain insight into the different species of animal life.
  • Spread awareness about importance of animal life through banners, posters, pluck-cards etc.
  • Motivate people to become a vegetarian and help save the animals, which in turn will help the ecology of the planet and can improve their health.
  • Play fun-filled engaging games and activities based on animal theme such as story-telling, animal-charades etc. with children.
  • Encourage children to actively participate in quiz competetions to test and enhance their knowledge.
  • Donate food and other supplies to the local animal charity or shelter.
  • Visit an animal foster home and volunteer by adopting an animal.
  • Place a birdbath or bird pitcher and put some bee friendly plants to make your garden more animal friendly.

So, follow the aforesaid tips and make a worthwhile contribution to save & protect animals on this World Animal Day.

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