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Many preschool chains in India try and put forth the image that theirs is the best preschool network in India, but the reality is quite contrasting. Most of these preschools aren’t professionally-managed or administered in a manner that can promise the quality of preschooling to be maintained across their branches/franchises. In order to become the best preschool network in India, it is important that the preschool’s franchise relationship and expansion set-up is exemplary.

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Businesses & Franchise Model
There are three basic types of business that qualify for expansion through the Franchise model. These three are the distributorship, brand name licensing and business format franchise. Out of these three, preschool networks have been established on the business format type of franchises.


 Business-format franchise — this is the most common of all franchise formats where the Franchisee acquires the right to own a business system that has been set up by the franchisor. The franchisee pays because the franchisor already has an established brand name and an enviable track record. The payment is done in the name of a pre-determined royalty fee which is mentioned in the franchise agreement. This format is special because the franchisor-franchisee relationship doesn’t end with the financial aspect of the dealing. Rather, the franchisor is supposed to provide continued training, sales support, cost-cutting through bulk purchasing and marketing, advertisement support.

A reputed preschool network is more likely to have a master franchise or the presence of a regional director who are supposed to exude the attitude of the actual franchisor. In order to establish a good network in the country, a franchisor needs to maintain smooth-running relations with the franchisees. This isn’t an obligation that is being considered by the franchisor, because a better-performing franchisee essentially translates into better-earning franchisor, i.e. the franchisor earns through the royalties collected.

Franchisee Initiative — some people may mistake that all the professional obligations rest with the franchisor. In fact, the initiative taken by the franchisee plays a pivotal role in making a chain of preschools the best preschool network in India. This could be done through a number of means,
• Extending the public relations of the franchisor through business/formal or social networking.
• Giving ideas for improvement of curriculum of that brand of preschool.
• Helping the franchisor gain a realistic picture of what the client is expecting.

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