Throw a Prank on April Fool’s Day


A very appropriate day to take revenge from an enemy or even a friend by way of a prank, the April fool’s day is awaited by everyone and is remembered by those who were victims of the pranks. You too can try out various pranks on your friends and family and have a great time on this April fool’s day. Make it harmless though full of fun for everyone. Try out some great April fool’s day pranks some of which are:

  • A very common prank to play on family is to set an alarm of 2 or 3 AM in the morning and hide it under the bed. Members of family will be troubled and will not be able to find the clock for sure.
  • Get up early morning and use superglue to stick eggs to the crate. Ask your mother or sister desperately for eggs in breakfast. The eggs will come if tried too hard to be taken out. Be sure to be there to have fun!
  • At a public place, exchange the ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ signs on doors. People will face a lot of confusion with these doors and you can have your share of fun by being a witness to this.
  • Replace a coffee-filled can with an empty container of the same brand and leave a note at the bottom for the person who tries to make coffee.
  • Take a cardboard box and cover it with a frosting and to make it look like a cake. Then keep it in the kitchen and wait for anyone who tries to cut out a slice of it!
  • Fathers can also play tricks on their children by telling them that their teacher called to say she has lost the answer sheets of exams and they will be required to give the tests again.

With these superb ideas, have fun on this April fool’s day. Make this day truly one which is full of mischief and instil a lot of happiness in everyone around you.

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