Promise Day SMS | 11th February Happy Promise Day SMS

Promise Day SMS

I don’t promise U the moon
I don’t promise U the star
but if U promise to remember me
I promise to be always there
Thinking of U on forget me not day.


We met it was Luck
We talked it was CHANCE
We became friends it was DESTINY
We R still friends it is FAITH
We will always be friends its a PROMISE
On Promise Day..


Speaking without egos
Loving without intentions
Caring without expectations
I promise U that U will be mine always


Promise me we R true friends:
I’m lamp, U’r light
I’m coke, U’r Sprite
I’m (sawan)rain, U’r badal
I’m normal, U’r pagal




Love is the happiness of today,
And promise of tomorrow,
so this warm note comes to U,
to say that live life with a heart full of love.
Happy Promise Day…


Friendship is a language spoken by heart,
not written on paper,
not given by pledge,
it is a promise on this promise day,
to renewed every time we keep in touch.


Speaking without egos,
Loving without intentions,
Caring without expectations,
I promise you that you will be mine always.
Happy Promise Day

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