School Admissions – An Advice To Parents


It is admissions time and parents are already feeling the edginess to get their child admitted in the preferred school. To seek an admission in the right school has become a speciality, and parents who have a kid admitted in the school can tell you more. It is more complicated for parents who seek nursery admission for their children.

There are many reasons that make school admission process a taxing job for the parents. One of the most obvious one is the limited seats or admissions in the schools. The number of preferred schools is less and there are limited seats available in the schools. These factors are responsible for selection processes, wherein schools favour the selection of the appropriate candidates.

In nursery school admission, it has been argued that schools must not offer admission on the basis of such criteria which may turn unfavourable to the less privileged class. It is true that the judgement of not selecting a child based on few questions and answers asked to the child itself or the candidates is somewhat flawed.

The true potential of the child is realized much later and even then an education institution cannot deny the right of education to those who face natural difficulties in reading, comprehension, retention or any other aspect. That is where a good school and institution provides the remedy. Rather than selecting and polishing the studious and intelligent students, a good school educates trains and builds competencies even the most disadvantaged students.

Is Your Child Prepared For The Interviews
Interviews have been discouraged by government authorities following unfair practices in the last few years. However, admitting children without even a single question asked or an interaction is also not a very good idea. The education providers or schools have the right to know as who is being admitted in the school. But interactions in this regard may be limited and favour all.

Some commonly asked questions in nursery admissions are given below:

  • The age of the child? Parents have to mention the age of the child and also provide proof for the same. The question may be asked to the kid as well.
  • About the health of the child – schools make sure that they have the information regarding allergies or any health related issue with the child to be admitted.
  • Potty training. During parent interactions school authorities might ask about the potty training, about tantrums or any peculiar information which might help to know the child better.
  • Children are asked such questions as – what is your name, what is your father’s name, what is your mother’s name? Do you have any brother? How much old are you? How much old is your brother? What is the colour of your clothes? How many days are in week? What comes after Tuesday?

Notifications and Dates
The month of December is a high time for school admissions in most North Indian states. Admissions and admission process continue till January, after which the rate slows down. Notifications and dates are often published in the newspapers and through advertisements in local channels. Parents need to have a close watch on the notifications and important dates to avoid any discomfort later on.

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