As the toddlers grow fast, in a couple of years you will find the kids indulging in almost anything, from cell phones, computers, books, gadgets, toys, television; anything they can lay their hands on. The first two years are home years and the kid is yet to set on the unending journey of great discoveries, the education.

In India formal education starts from three years of age and with the admission of the child in nursery. Many prep or play schools even allow kids of two years and prepare them for the school. One of the pressing concerns for parents, as the child grows is to seek an admission in school. What qualifies a good school is based on popularity of the school in the locality. Child admissions in Indian schools are a bit taxing, but manageable.

In the last few decades some schools have excelled in more than one sphere including the academics, the growth and development of children, health and hygiene, sports arena, etc. The alumni of these schools make the cream of the society. The high standards maintained by these schools help the children in attaining their career goals and develop leadership qualities. In short they are the best options for any parent. But due to scarcity of such schools, the competition begins prematurely and with the admissions.

Generally there are three phases associated with the admission of children in the schools. They are:

Child Admissions in Indian Schools – The Right School: Parents consult other family members, friends and colleagues regarding suitable schools for their children. Usually, there are two or three good schools in the vicinity that every parent is aware of. It might be that the neighbours’ kid, or the kids of relatives and colleagues are just going to that school. So, no extensive search is required. The parents confirm the details from parents only and then make the decision. Preparatory schools sometimes provide the consultations regarding admissions of the kids in the regular schools.

Admission Procedure: As the time for admission comes closer, the schools release notices through various channels, including the popular media. In most schools the dates are fixed for any academic year. The parents are required to get the application forms from the school authorities. These are submitted and dates for interviews and tests are notified.

Preparations: Previously, brief interviews and tests were conducted and based on these to assess the child and based on them admission was granted. However, the admission procedure has become very complicated these days and new practices are prevalent. The points based system, which grants admission on the basis of numeric points or score awarded to the child is a popular one. In such admission procedures for child admission in India schools, even parents are questioned and assessed whether they would be able to take on the responsibilities tomorrow. Therefore both parents and students have to be prepared for the admission interviews.

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