School Celebrations In India There are many things that cannot be taught except by experience alone. The fact that school celebrations and school functions are endorsed by the head of the institution or school administration and observed with full vigour and enthusiasm clearly depicts the significance of these events.

A number of events are celebrated in the school academic year. The most celebrated school functions in India are:

Annual School Function: It is the most partied event in the school where everyone participates with keen enthusiasm. Students, teachers, parents and other guest facilities are invited and make the event very goal-oriented. On this day students perform and participate in activities, receive awards, the teachers and the head of the school announces annual report, performance of the students, share some lighter moments and there is more. Cultural Festivals: Schools in India also help to keep the social threads intact in the children and their parents. The cultural diversity is one of the most noted aspects of Indian society. To increase the awareness and help children better assimilate these traits many cultural events are hosted by the schools.

Exhibitions: Exhibitions are strictly organized to give the student exposure and appreciation for their faculties. Arts and painting exhibitions are the most celebrated occasions. The school management makes all arrangements. Such school celebrations in India are meant to encourage the children and bring out the talent hidden in them.

Picnics and Excursions: Picnics and excursion trips arranged by the school are also very entertaining for the students. It gives them opportunities to initiate social interactions and group formation. It’s a pure outing and students are very much excited to spend time out of the campus.

Students Exchange Programme: Students exchange programmes are meant to share learning experience amongst the students who come from different institutions. Student visits are organized to selected educational institutions and tours are conducted. Modern schools in India have increased the number of such tours.

Teachers-Parents Meet: This event is the single most illustrious event that establishes a relationship between the educators and the parents. In the normal working days, schools normally do not encourage for frequent parent-teacher meets. It is on this day that the teachers can enquire about the children and the teachers provide the feedback about the children for the sound developments of the students.

These are some of the popularly celebrated school functions in India.

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