How to Get Franchise of School


Franchising is a practice wherein two entities (franchisor & franchisee) establish a long term association on the basis of an agreement in which the franchisor grants the franchisee with the right to use its business model and brand name. For the past few years, franchising has been growing at a fast pace. In India, franchising business, especially in the education sector is at its peak. This is due to the continuous rise in the demand of educational institutions that provide standardised education. Moreover, taking a school franchise is a wonderful opportunity for people who want to establish their name in the education industry. In case you too want to know the procedure to get a franchise of school, go through the pointers mentioned below:

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  • Firstly, make a decision about the type of school you wish to get a franchise of. You can either get a play school franchise or a 10+2 school franchise. Then, do some research on the internet and make a list of all the brands in the education sector that offers franchise of school.
  • Next, shortlist the best franchise opportunity and plan a meeting with a concerned person from the franchising school. Get all the details regarding the franchise fee that they are charging and what all they are providing in return. After this, discuss the details of the meeting with a legal advisor and make a decision.
  • Subsequently, get the franchise application form, fill it completely and submit it to the concerned person.
  • Afterwards, make arrangements for the funds which you will need to invest for the establishment of your franchise school. You may invest this money on your own or get financial help from private money lenders or government banks.
  • After you have secured the investment, a person from the franchising school will assist you in site selection.
  • Once the land & location is finalised, secure the NOC from the department of education and begin with the construction, followed by whitewashing and woodwork.
  • Simultaneously, sign the franchise agreement in the presence of the franchisor & your legal advisor and retain a copy of it for yourself.
  • Next, the franchisor will guide you through the process of gaining affiliation for your school from an educational board, in case you are opening a 10+2 school.
  • After this, get in touch with the marketing department of the franchising school to get assistance in the marketing and promotion of your franchise school. They will help you to execute cost-effective promotional techniques which in turn will make your school name known in the locality.
  • Lastly, hire experienced subject teachers and other staff like Principal, librarian, lab assistants etc. However, while hiring the teachers, make sure that they are well-learned in their respective subjects.

By following these simple steps systematically, you can set up your franchise school easily. However, you just need to make sure that you conform to the rules & regulations and set standards of the franchising school. One of the superior brands in the education industry which is acknowledged for providing fruitful franchising opportunity is the SHEMFORD Futuristic School. The school chain is spread pan India with 100+ branches at 19 locations. The SHEMFORD franchise guarantees to help & guidance in terms of personalised support, marketing assistance, recruitment & training and academic support. So, click on the tab Enquire for School Franchise to get associated with SHEMFORD.

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