Steps to Start a School in Bangalore

In today’s world of increasing competition, parents tend to look for the best educational institutions for their children, which are capable of providing the children with the highest quality of education. Consequently, the demand and number of such schools is rising day by day. Talking about school education in Bangalore, it has been observed that the city accommodates some of the finest schools that are either run by state government or private individuals. However, due to the increasing population of school going children in the city, there is a rise in the demand for more schools. Considering this rising demand, many people are opening their own school in Bangalore. Moreover, starting a school is indeed a rewarding venture which not only helps you to fetch profits but also enables you to garner respect in the society. So, if you too want to know how to start a school in Bangalore, follow the steps given below:


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  • The very first thing that you need to consider while planning to start a school in Bangalore is the capital investment. Typically, this investment depends upon the kind of school you are opening. For instance, a primary school requires a minimum budget of Rs.50 lakhs, while a senior secondary school can be established with a budget of around Rs.70-80 lakhs. This investment will cater to the basic requirements like land, infrastructure, marketing, recruitment etc.
  • After you have arranged the minimum investment, you need to find a location where you can easily set up your school. So, look for a place which is pollution free, offers a calm atmosphere and is easily accessible.
  • After selecting the location, you will have to obtain a land. Again, the land requirement depends upon the availability and the kind of school to be opened. However, in a metropolitan city like Bangalore, the minimum land area required to establish a school is 1 acre.
  • Next, you need to get this land registered in favour of the entity that governs your school. For that, you need to approach the Department of Education for securing the No Objection Certificate, after which you can smoothly start with the construction of your school in Bangalore.
  • Subsequently, you may approach an experienced architect to help you in designing the school infrastructure. Make sure that your school is well-equipped with all the basic amenities like well-ventilated classrooms, spacious library, huge playground, well-maintained laboratories, adequate bathroom facilities etc.
  • As the construction is about to end, simultaneously you need to plan the marketing and promotion of your school. For this, you need to consult an advertising agency, which will help you to execute effective marketing techniques and will help your school to garner recognition both at the state level and local level.
  • After you have gained enough recognition, you need to get your school affiliated to an educational board like CBSE or ICSE. Besides this, you also need to hire qualified and experienced staff for your school. Make sure that the staff you hire is well trained and experienced to handle the day-to-day operations of a school.

Follow these above mentioned steps and start a school in Bangalore. However, if you feel that opening your own school is a complicated and a time-consuming task, then opt for simpler methods of entering into the education sector, such as buying franchise of a renowned school brand. When it comes to 10+2 school franchise, SHEMFORD is one of the established names. Getting associated with SHEMFORD will surely be a lucrative venture, as it will not only give you an access to a proven business model but will also reduce the amount of investment. So, take school franchise from SHEMFORD by clicking on the tab and filling the Franchise Application Form.

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