Starting an Engineering College in India

In the mid-19th century, technical education started in our country. It plays a really important role in the overall development of a country and also contributes in the progress of the nation. Technical education in our country plays an important role in leading the country on the path of progress. Technical education is imparted at various levels such as certificate, diploma, degree etc. But, educating the youth at the degree level is one of the most amazing experience. Providing quality education at graduation level is a huge task in itself because it includes the responsibility of carving the future generation of our country. For any aspiring educationist, starting an institution for educating our youth would surely be a dream come true.

AICTE or the All India Council for Technical Education is the government organization which is responsible for the development and promotion of technical education in our country. Established way back in 1945 by the Government of India, the organization is the statutory authority for planning, formulation and maintenance of norms and standards, quality assurance through accreditation, funding in priority areas, monitoring and evaluation, maintaining parity of certification and awards and ensuring coordinated and integrated development and management of technical education in the country. It lays down the rules and regulations for starting an engineering college in India. Anyone who aspires to start an engineering college of his own should surely abide by the norms and standards laid down by the AICTE. However, just following the rules and regulations isn’t enough, there are certain other factors that are to be kept in mind before one starts an engineering college of his own.

Certain factors that are to be taken into consideration before starting an engineering college have been discussed as follows:

  • Develop advanced curriculum:

Educating aspiring engineers and helping them in becoming successful entrepreneurs of the future is surely a thrilling experience. But, in order to give the best of education to your students, it is extremely important to adhere to an advanced curriculum in your engineering college instead of following traditional one which other colleges follow. Such a difference in the curriculum would certainly allow you to get an edge over other colleges in the field of engineering.

  • Considerable technical coursework:

While formulating the course, you must establish a considerable technical coursework which focuses upon industry oriented factors that would finally lead to a major transformation of your college into a temple of learning. The technical coursework must be developed after thorough research & development to provide maximum benefit to your students.

  • Appropriate learning atmosphere:

In any college, the most important thing is the environment of the place. Before starting an engineering college, you must make sure that the students who enroll in your college find the best learning experience. You should plan your development strategy in such a way that you cultivate the best learning atmosphere for students who would join your college and spend the four precious years of their life.

  • Learned & motivating faculty:

The most contributing factor in the success of an educational institution is its faculty and staff. Always make sure that you recruit learned and highly motivating faculties in your college. It’s absolutely essential to have a well-educated faculty under whose guidance the students can learn and grow. Engineering students spend a good time at college learning new things and a good faculty would enhance their learning experience.

  • Cultivate entrepreneurial skills:

An engineering college is a great medium to prepare future entrepreneurs. Cultivating the right amount of entrepreneurship skills in the students helps the students to emerge as masters in their field of expertise. Such skills learned by the students helps to make their stay in the college worthwhile. It also provides positive word of mouth publicity to your college.

  • Well-developed infrastructure:

Developing proper infrastructure for your college is very important. When starting an engineering college, buy land and register it for educational purpose. Ensure that the construction of your college building is approved by the authorities. Always follow the guidelines while developing the building of your college premises and pass on your application to the regulatory authority for final approval.

Once you receive the official permission to start an engineering college, you should give it your 100% efforts. You should design a panel by involving a team of your experienced and educated faculty and staff. Make sure that your students receive education of the sort that assures them good placement deals. Make a team of people who would handle the recruitment process. This team should be designated the duty to have extensive communication with the various companies, asking the companies to hire students from your engineering college. The faculty of your college should be such that they provide maximum efforts in sharpening the brains of the students which would further help in providing better job placement opportunities for your students.

AICTE holds the view that engineering colleges offering quality education will always be in demand and will never have vacant seats. So, make sure that your college not just promises but actually provides quality education to its students. Hurry and make your entry into the education sector by starting your own engineering college.

ICSE Board Rules and Regulations

Indian Certificate for Secondary Education or ICSE, as it is popularly known as, is a private, non-governmental board of school education in India. Established way back in 1958, it was formed by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, with the assistance of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian education. Though considered as the second most prominent board of education in our country, most of the people don’t even know that it is not still a board. ICSE is the certificate offered at the completion of the course. Yet, ICSE board is the term used to mention this course. The council is mainly responsible for conduction of an all India exam for class X, which is popularly known as ICSE. Another exam conducted by the council is known as ISC or the Indian School Certificate.

The ICSE board follows a comprehensive syllabus which has an interactive approach towards education. The board syllabi covers all the fields in various subjects with equal importance. Although most of our competitive exams are formed keeping the CBSE board syllabi in mind , but the students of ICSE have an edge when they apply for foreign universities or attempt exams like TOEFL. ICSE students have a better chance of selection and growth in streams of management and humanities due to the emphasis on language and practical in the ICSE curriculum. The curriculum is extremely engaging and challenging for the students and is successful in retaining the students’ interest levels.

The ICSE board follows their own set of rules and regulations regarding the syllabus and scheme of examinations. Recently, the ICSE even introduced reforms in its examination system, which included e-registration and centralized marking of scripts at both ICSE and ISC levels. The board has also decided to make its evaluation more transparent and clear, so that the students get a clear understanding of their evaluation system. The Council of ICSE has even declared that they would be centralizing the marking of their answer scripts for ICSE and ISC examinations. Further, rules and regulations of the ICSE have been described as follows:

  • The board mainly conducts three examinations- the ICSE, the ISC and the Certificate of Vocational Education.
  • The board has a Committee on Examinations and Subject Committees for formulating and revising the curriculum and the syllabus of the ICSE board. They are also the ones who handle the criticisms and suggestions given for the website. The members of the team are well-trained examiners and specialists.
  • The board has very strict rules regarding the attendance of the students. Candidates with less than 75% attendance, are not allowed to sit for the examination.  This is inclusive of absence due to illness and other special circumstances.
  • The schools affiliated under the ICSE board are provided with their own booklet which contains the regulations and syllabi of the Board.
  • If any candidate(s) is/are found not following the rules and regulations of the board regarding the examinations, then the candidate or the candidates concerned may be disqualified.
  • Under ICSE, a strong emphasis is laid on vital and practical tests and assignments. The schools are bound to have labs for subjects such as Math, Science, Computers etc.  The marks of these tests are aggregated with the overall scores of the student. ICSE also lays strong emphasis on Lab work in subjects such as Science and Math.
  • The ICSE board has made it compulsory for all the schools following ICSE pattern to include environmental education as one of the subjects. The teaching of this subject helps to raise the mental bar of the students and make them more aware of their environment.
  • The ICSE examination question paper is a balance of objective and subjective questions. Both have to have equal priority or weight. There are projects of almost all the subjects which help the students to get a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • Since 2005, ICSE has provided students with the option of choosing one subject from a group of skill-based subjects for the final term exams. They can choose from a variety of subjects such as art, dance, physical education, cookery etc. While the examinations, 50% of the assessment is made by an outside examiner.

ICSE syllabus and curriculum lays a very strengthening base for the students. It provides the students with a better insight of the topic and helps them learn better through practical and lab work. This helps in developing a firm base for the students. The ICSE board of education is particularly preferable for students who wish to pursue higher education abroad. It is well accepted and acknowledged by well-known universities and colleges worldwide. The ICSE exams are based on three aspects: knowledge, understanding and application. These exams help the students to develop a better understanding of their subjects. ICSE curriculum is better to opt for because 20% of all the examination result is based on internal assessment. As the student is continuously assessed in the class room, he gets a better sense his school books. Hence, the rules and regulations of the ICSE board might make it a bit different from the CBSE board but they have their own advantages that benefit the students in the long run.

Franchise – Business Opportunities in Education Sector

Business opportunities in every sector are blooming with the concept of franchising options. In the process of Franchising, the Franchisor provides the prospect to franchisee to use the well-established name and fame of franchisor’s business model. It creates a Win-Win situation for both the parties involved as the Franchisor gains visibility by establishing a chain and the Franchisee gets to explore the business opportunity through a prosperous brand name. In the Education industry itself, the Franchising option has been accomplished profoundly.

Working with an established brand makes it easy for the franchisees to get a kick start and accomplish their goals effectively. There are many benefits of joining and starting up with a Franchise option as it can be a rewarding career field for experimenters. In education sector, one has great options to tryout with as one can start a:


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  • Play School
  • Pre School
  • Formal 10+2 School
  • Day-care Centre
  • Learning Centre
  • Training Institute
  • Educational Institute

Nowadays, it has cuffed in more competition for such businesses to grow. It has become the most popular method for expanding the education brands. Therefore, one can estimate the advantages of being a part of this Franchise World. It is a venture in which one can always find avenues for:

  • Sustainable and Profitable undertaking
  • The detailed understanding of fool-proof systems and procedures
  • Easy and quick approach to business mantra
  • Low initial costs involved and inexpensive operation
  • Proper guidance and training with full support in operations
  • Infrastructure adds to the quality of services offered
  • Technical and Systems support

Due to such benefits offered and even many more advantageous situations created by Franchising option, it has created an area-wide market filled with loads of alternatives. There are several schools and training institutes which are offering education franchise opportunities options to promote and enhance their chain of schools. Franchising gives an opportunity to the franchisees to give their best inputs and join hands together working towards a common goal with mutual interests. It takes very less time to channel the activities of a franchise and make it a functional business unit. It takes only a few steps which are guided by time and efforts to get started. All you need is contacting the right franchisor, take down the procedures to start a franchise (Land availability, Costs involved and certificates required).

The main question that arises is how to find the right franchisor for developing this opportunity. It is very important that you choose a brand which is successful and known, so as to gain maximum from this venture. Though this can increase the formalities on your head but, it can relieve you from building that “rapport” as it will be pre-established. You would just have to maintain that trademark and add your extra touch to it!

SHEMFORD Group of Schools also provides such opportunity to its franchisees to join their group and make it an upcoming experience for them. SHEMFORD Group of Schools has covered various parts of India and Abroad & involved so many franchisees. SHEMFORD believes in attainment of goals with others and through others.

SHEMFORD Group of Schools believes that taking up a school franchise is also common these days due to the following reasons:

•  Awareness of quality schools education is increasing day-by-day.

•  Societal support is gained as it is a respectful business activity.

•  Easy and flexible work timings make you work at ease.

•  The business functions on cash transactions and not on credit.

•   A positive working environment with ingenuity.

•   You need not acquire land in the prime location.

•   Holidays as per your children’s holidays. This reduces absenteeism from work.

So, it has been growing and will even flourish in the near future because good schools and quality education is the need of hour!


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